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Span Transit Picks Up First Rider in Coppell

Span Drivers Transport Residents in and Around Coppell

Span Transit made its first stop in Coppell on Monday, June 20 and picked up inaugural rider, Ms. Peggy Nowicki. Peggy visits the YMCA several times a week for swim and wheelchair yoga classes, and was thrilled to have the Span service in Coppell.

"I like it for both convenience and economical reasons," said Peggy. "The public transportation I used before cost me $20 and now I only have to pay $5, so it's much more inexpensive and I think that's great."

The Span Transportation Program helps seniors and disabled residents get around town for errands, doctor's appointments, shopping and more. The city partnered with Denton County's non-profit Span Transit to provide shared transportation services for a growing number of transit requests in Coppell. All span vehicles are equipped with wheelchair lifts or ramps, and drivers are trained to assist individuals who may have mobility impairment or use assistive devices.

Deputy City Manager Mario Canizares helped work to bring the Span Transportation Program to Coppell and hopes residents will take advantage of the service. "Offering an affordable transportation system to seniors and residents with disabilities helps ensure that everybody in Coppell has the opportunity to enjoy an active, healthy lifestyle," Mario said. "Exploring alternative transportation modes is important to our Mayor and City Council Members, and the partnership with Denton County's Span Transit fit well with our goals for providing easy, efficient and economical transportation services to a segment of our population who needs that type of assistance."

The cost per rider is $2.50 each way, and the Span service area includes anywhere in Coppell, as well as surrounding areas in close proximity to the city limits, including Baylor Scott & White Medical Center in Grapevine, Las Colinas Medical, Grapevine Mills Mall and Vista Ridge Mall. The service is by appointment only, and to use Span residents must complete a written application, which is available at

Call Span today for more information: 940-382-1900