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Statement from Mayor Karen Hunt

Statement from Mayor Karen Hunt:​

​I have not felt compelled to add my voice to the comments of the events of the past weeks and months. In my opinion, words are inadequate.  It is only action that can effectively address challenges and issues raised with the senseless death of Mr. Floyd, Ms. Taylor and others. 

Like many, I am troubled by events of the last few weeks and months.  As Mayor of the City of Coppell I acknowledge these are challenging times and that prejudice and racism in many forms exist.  I can tell you this Council and this Staff strive each day to provide an environment that values the dignity of all residents and the value of each human being, with no tolerance for racism, injustice or hatred.  

In times like these, the citizens of Coppell have peacefully come together on multiple occasions; a perfect example of the heart of our community.  The resulting prayers and conversations highlight the inequalities and injustices still felt by many.  Continued, deeper conversations will highlight issues to be addressed in Coppell, our region, State and our country to live up to its foundational principles that all are created equal, liberty and justice for all.  

In Coppell, we started addressing concerns voiced by our residents years ago when our community embraced a vision of being "A Family Community for Lifetime."  More recently, the Allies in Community program has brought together diverse groups of individuals from our community to know our neighbors, listen and share enhancing our efforts to better understand one another. 

From each member of Council to our City Manager to our Police Chief to all our staff, we are blessed to have individuals who set policy, direction and reward actions that promote asking important questions and seeking input, building awareness and understanding.  We will continue the conversations and cultivating a culture that values you as a human being and builds a community built on a foundation of dignity and respect that will enable Coppell to remain a model for our state and country. ​