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The City of Coppell Moves into the Future with the Vision 2040 Initiative

The City of Coppell recently launched its Coppell Vision 2040 initiative, a large-scale community visioning project that will ultimately create the Vision 2040 Strategic Plan. The initiative will be community-driven, data-driven, and future-oriented to enable stakeholders and community members to come together to plan for the future of Coppell. This will lead to the clarification of priorities and actions that will define a clear roadmap for the Strategic Plan.

The initiative aims to provide a response to the following questions:

  • What should the City of Coppell become?
  • How will community preferences fit into this vision?
  • How does the City of Coppell ensure that planning for the future will incorporate values and quality of life issues for all community members served?
  • How should public funds be invested and leveraged to improve the City?

Central to the initiative is in-depth community engagement efforts with a strong emphasis on transparency, diversity and inclusivity. Opportunities for residents to get involved include an intensive Future of Coppell Think Tank, a community-wide survey and more than 20 community engagement workshops and focus groups taking place from August to October.

The Think Tank, scheduled for June 25 and 26, will kick off this participatory process. Residents that are ready to take a deep dive into meaningful discussions that will help shape Coppell's future should apply to participate on the project portal

For updates on this strategic planning process, visit the Vision 2040 Portal or