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Vision 2040 Focus Groups

December 4-7, 2018

Since June, the City of Coppell has been seeking community input about our next 20-year strategic plan – Vision 2040. Complemented by more than 1,300 survey participants, and 300+ community members who attended workshops, a Think Tank of community stakeholders contributed to the development of seven Strategic Pillars that will guide the plan:

  • Perpetuate a learning environment
  • Foster an inclusive community fabric
  • Enhance the unique 'community oasis' experience
  • Future orientated approach to residential development
  • Create businesses and innovation nodes
  • Implement innovative transportation networks
  • Apply 'Smart City' approach to resource and infrastructure management

As part of this project, which will run throughout 2018 and wrap up in early 2019, the City is engaging the community in several stages of conversation designed to identify scenarios for the future, and to create an inclusive vision and roadmap to serve all of the stakeholders of Coppell reaching out to 2040.

A series of focus group sessions will be held December 4-7, 2018, centered around the seven strategic pillars. The public is invited to fill out a self-nomination form to receive an invitation to participate. Simply select your area of interest or expertise on the form and you will be added to the invite list for the focus group. Applications will be considered from all interested parties. Ideal candidates will:

  • Be forward thinking and positive
  • Have a willingness to share knowledge and experience of Coppell
  • Be committed to attending and actively participating throughout the duration of the Focus Group session

Applicants will be responsible for reviewing and becoming familiar with the Vision 2040 process before the workshop.

Fill out the Self-Nomination Form​.