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Volunteer Spotlight

Sally McCurdy

Sally McCurdy - Coppell Volunteer​

If you have volunteered in Coppell, there is a pretty high chance you know Sally McCurdy.

McCurdy moved to Coppell from Minnesota in 1985, and for over 35 years she has been a huge presence in the local service community.

"I would volunteer for the companies I worked for back in the day," McCurdy said. "Around 1996 I was the regional President for Women in Technology International."

With a big personality and an even bigger heart, McCurdy has been involved in over ten volunteer programs since relocating to Coppell, and she helped start two prominent organizations called Coppell Cares and Living Well in Coppell.

She primarily focuses on local work in the community and says that even though she may live in an affluent area, many people are unaware there is still plenty of work that needs to be done. One of the projects she has worked on outside of Coppell is called Touch a Life, which is based in the African country of Ghana.

"In Ghana, there is an organization that saves kids from slave labor," McCurdy said. "They have a center where the children live and go to school after being rescued and that's where we help them."

While at the center, the volunteers do just about anything the children need.

"From art projects to throwing the 80 kids a big birthday party due to the fact that none of the children know their actual birthday," McCurdy said. "We are there to help them with anything we can."

After retiring in June of 2011, McCurdy did something that a lot of people strive for but never seem to do: follow their passions.

"I love to play golf and be an aquacise instructor, along with cooking," McCurdy said. "I volunteer because I feel that there are many needs out there and people that I have the ability to help. I like to be able to provide my time and effort, along with my leadership experience, to organizations so that they can really work well and deliver their service to the community in the best way possible."​

Coppell has no doubt benefited from Sally McCurdy and will for a long time, and as she can attest, a volunteer receives just as much as they give. People like Sally McCurdy make Coppell an amazing and enriching place to live.