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Volunteer Spotlight

Maureen Corcoran

Maureen Cor​coran - Coppell Volunteer​

Some people have a servant's heart, but 25-year Coppell resident, Maureen Corcoran, would most likely prefer to be known as a servant.

"I started volunteering when I was a child," Corcoran said. "I come from a family of volunteers; both sets of my grandparents volunteered and my parents also always volunteered."

Every single place on Earth needs people to get up and do things out of the kindness of their hearts and help others accomplish things that seem impossible. Corcoran is one of those people. From the time she was a teenager, she was willing to make a gift of her own time and energy to give assistance where it was needed, from running debate tournaments at her high school to being a candy striper at the local hospital.

Corcoran seemingly has her hand in just about every volunteer opportunity in Coppell. She has served on the Parks and Recreation board for four years, and is the Community Service chairman for the Coppell Rotary club. However, she also has her own ventures that she spearheads, like the new Coppell Community Garden as well as the large flagpole located in Old Town.

"It's in [our family's] DNA to be volunteers," Corcoran said. "During the Great Depression one set of my grandparents lived in New York and the other lived in Nebraska. Both would prepare food and give to those people who were either homeless or struggling. This is just how I grew up."

For Corcoran, being an active leader in the community is not about having the spotlight, it is about answering the inner calling to truly help others and volunteer. This quality is something that she intends to nurture in her family.

"Now I do a lot of volunteering with my grandson who is just going into high school," Corcoran said. "We volunteer mainly up at Metrocrest for the Sack Summer Hunger program and the school supply drive."

In the volunteer world, a common thought is that you receive just as much as you give when volunteering. This is something that truly resonates with Corcoran.

"I consider volunteering very much an opportunity for me," Corcoran said. "I get as much, if not more, from volunteering as the people I help. I have been able to use the talents God has given me to benefit others, been able to develop new skills, and have also been able to develop friendships that I never would have, if not for volunteering."​