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Volunteer Spotlight

Bert Tindall

Bert Tindall - Coppell Volunteer​

Meet Bert Tindall. Bert can be found turning compost almost any given day at the Ground Delivery Garden where he volunteers as Garden Manager. The 73-year-old gardening and outdoor enthusiast provides guidance to over 100 volunteers, organizing shared responsibilities, training new gardeners, and offering tips to people stopping by.

With a professional background in psychology and information technology, he has a lot of wisdom to share, but one of his specialties in the gardening world is composting. As a master composter, Bert works diligently to teach other gardeners and students at several elementary schools his trade. He also goes above and beyond by doing weekly pick-ups of expiring produce from Market Street for the compost piles and organizing activities for young visitors from the neighboring Stringfellow Preschool.

Bert became inspired to volunteer when he learned about the Community Gardens in Coppell and the mission to provide wholesome, organic food for those less fortunate. However, one of his greatest satisfactions besides seeing the garden produce and donate food, is seeing families with young children visit and enjoy the garden as well as learn about where their food comes from.

"They see bees and butterflies and they may see rabbits, lizards and even snakes all of which add to the excitement of the garden experience," he said. "For families who adopt plots and volunteer, the children get to see and share in the experiences and joy of growing food."

In addition to managing the Ground Delivery Garden, Bert volunteers with CISD as a reading buddy and a mentor to their school gardens. He also puts in hours with the Coppell Senior and Community Center and was instrumental in establishing the Old Town Coppell Garden next to the Senior Center. He is vice president of the Coppell Sustainable Food Organization, and advises on the Keep Coppell Beautiful Environmental Education Committee. With more than 2,032 hours logged with the City, Bert is an asset to the community.

"We are fortunate to have such a giving leader in Bert, and to be able to work side-by-side every week, learning from each other and donating to the food pantry," said fellow Ground Delivery gardener, Holly Hiller.

When he's not working in one of the gardens or volunteering his time elsewhere, Bert is staying active at the CORE and Coppell Senior Center and spending time with his wife, Pat, their four adult daughters and their families.