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Volunteer Spotlight

Adrienne Morton

​Volunteer Spotlight - Adrienne Morton, Friends of the Coppell Library

For Friends of the Library Board Vice President and Coppell Library Board Vice Chair Adrienne Morton, it began with a simple suggestion.

While at a Library Board meeting a few years ago, Morton innocently recommended to the then-president that a social media presence be developed for the Friends of the Library.

"That's a great idea," she was told. "When do you think you can do it?"

Initially charged with running all social media accounts for the Friends, Morton's role in the organization has since expanded significantly and now encompasses everything from photography events and chatting with patrons at the Farmer's Market to making animal hats out of construction paper and holding puppies.

"I'm glad that I spoke up during that meeting, and I'm glad that I was encouraged to be as involved as I was able to be," Morton said.

Her love of books was fostered by her mother and as a child Morton spent a great deal of her time in the library. For as long as she can remember, books have played an integral part of her life.  

"I want for others to have that great love of reading and learning that I've grown up with," she said.

Morton has made it a priority to volunteer her time at the library for this very reason. She hopes to establish a community where books and reading, among other opportunities, will be made available for her own children to enjoy.

"I volunteer in great part because I want to contribute to creating a community in which I am happy to raise my family," Morton explained.

Volunteers at the Friends of the Library at Coppell actively work to advocate for library programs and work to increase library resources through book sales, fundraising and consignments.

"We have a phenomenal library staff with stellar leadership, and I'm both proud and grateful to be part of an organization that works alongside of and for them," Morton said.

Through her work, Morton seeks to communicate the importance of library facilities and reading as a whole. 

"Libraries really are necessary," she continued. "Reading both aesthetically and efferently for your entire life is one of the most important things that you can do. I want for our community to know about the myriad of resources that are available to them at the library."

In addition to her work with the Friends, Morton has also assisted in various other projects, including Kid Country 2012, Keep Coppell Beautiful cleanups, Carter BloodCare blood drives and Great Strides (by the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation).

"I'm volunteering in a way that makes sense for me and that I genuinely enjoy," Morton said. "I hope that everyone does that and that everyone finds their way to build up and help their community.  There are so many organizations that need creative people and people willing to do the work."​