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Water and Sewer Rate Increase

​The Coppell City Council approved an ordinance to increase the water and sewer rates beginning on February 1. Under this ordinance, the water and sewer rates will rise in order to cover the increase in the rates charged by Trinity River Authority (TRA) for wastewater treatment service and Dallas Water Utilities (DWU) for water purchased by Coppell. The increase will also fund $30 million in capital improvements to the water and sewer system.

The amounts charged by TRA and DWU increase the cost of providing water and sewer service to Coppell residents. Historically, the City of Coppell absorbed rate increases from both entities due to Coppell's growth and expanding customer base. Coppell has now moved from the growth to the maintenance stage, and the fund can no longer absorb the 6% and 7.7% rate increases from DWU and TRA, respectively. 

As a result of the rate increase, the City of Coppell will be able to fund numerous capital improvement projects, including the instillation of a second source pump and ground storage tank, replacement of various water lines and the rehabilitation of the Sandy Lake Lift Station.

City of Coppell staff calculated the rates needed to fund operations, the increases from DWU and TRA and the $30 million bond issue. The cumulative impact of funding operations, increases from DWU and TRA, and the $30 million bond issue is $6.91 for a customer with a 5/8-inch meter who uses 10,000 gallons of water. Of this, only $1.41 is a result of the bond issue.

Previously, the rate plan charged all residential customers the same base rate. The new rate plan provides a different base rate depending on the size of the customer's meter.

For more information about current and future water and sewer rates, call the City of Coppell Utility Billing​ department at 972-304-3695.