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Art in the Park

​In 2016, the City of Coppell partnered with the Coppell Arts Council to promote art from regional artists to public spaces within the City. A collaborative effort between staff and citizens led to the installation of 10 sculptures in the City's Old Town district, referred to as the Old Town Art Splash. In 2018, phase two was completed to bring additional sculptural pieces to Coppell's signature park, Andrew Brown Park East. In 2019, the Old Town Art Splash was refreshed with 10 new art installations. Learn more about the Coppell Arts Council.

Old Town ​Art Splash​ 

1 • White Stardust • ​​Elizabeth Akamatsu​7 • Spectra 214 • Scott Shubin
• Spine • Jerry Fried​8 • Autumn Happy Dancy • Laura Abrams
3 • Spiral • George Sabra​9 • Moon River • Michelle O'Michael
4 • King Crow • Jeffie Brewer​10 • Contender • John Merigian
5 • On My Way • John Merigian​11 • Red Pony • Russ Connell
• Rocko • Russ ConnellArt is rotated every 2 years, ​new art will come to Old Town in 2019

Andrew Brown Art Splash​

​Phase 2 of the Coppell Art Spash is currently underway at Andrew Brown Park East. Information about sculptures and their locations will be coming soon.