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Park Projects

​​​​​Currently, all Park Projects are proceeding as scheduled. Should this change, we will update the project timeline affected. 

Click here for the latest information about closures and community impacts.​ 

Click here for the Coppell Parks & Recreation Re-Opening Plan.​​

​​​​​​​​Coppell Parks and Recreation strives to bring ​quality parks, facilities and recreation services to the Coppell community. Current and future park projects are determined based on citizen feedback, staff recommendations and maintenance needs.  

View the 2019 Park Board Project Priority List ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


ROMC Phase II Expansion 

​Project Scope: ​Expansion that will improve the existing developed property and provide burial options and features not currently offered by the Rolling Oaks Memorial Center.​

Construction has begun and concrete will be poured soon, but is weather dependent​. The project is estimated to take 12-14 months to complete.

MacArthur Blvd. Trail 

Project Scope: Removal of the existing 5’ wide sidewalk and reinstall an 8’ wide side-path trail along the East side of MacArthur Blvd. beginning at Deforest Road and ending at Riverchase Drive. ​

The project has completed design/development phase and the construction documents are complete. Construction was approved and will begin soon. 

Grapevine Springs Park Dredging & Wall Repair 

Project Scope: Feasibility study to determine a course of action for repairs to Grapevine Springs Park canal and wall.​

The Grapevine Springs Park Feasibility Study has been completed and shared with Dallas County. The project is currently on hold. 

BEC / Senior Center Monument Signs 

Project Scope: Installation of monuments signs at the Biodiversity Education Center and Senior & Community Center at Grapevine Springs.​

More information on monument signs at the Biodiversity Education Center and Senior & Community Center at Grapevine Springs coming soon.

Elevated Boardwalk Trail Sections 

Project Scope: Elevated boardwalk trail at Magnolia Park, Moore Road Park and Asbury Manor

The project is in the design/development phase exploring trail alignment options.


Old Town Pavilion Doors (Spring/Summer 2020)

Project Scope: Improvement of the Pavilion at Old Town Square to provide improved protection from weather elements.  The project includes the installation of double siding to some parts of the pavilion as well as eight glass motorized folding doors that will replace existing canvas shades.​

ABW/CHS Connector Trail (Spring/Summer 2020)

Project Scope: Installation of a connector trail connecting the trail at the southern end of Andy Brown Park West directly to Coppell High School.​

Moore Road/Riverchase Dr./Fairway Bike Lane (Winter 2019/2020)

Proj​e​ct Scope: Installation of signage and pavement markings depicting on-street bicycle lanes for Moore Road, Fairway Drive and Riverchase Drive.​



​​Andrew Brown Park Redevelopment (2016-2017)

The ​Andrew Brown Park Redevelopment project is complete and both East and West are open to the public. The parks offer a wide range of recreational experiences, including active play and passive open space. Visit East and enjoy a quiet space to picnic or read a book. Or, take a jog around the decomposed granite soft running trail at West, play on the playground, or play a friendly game of basketball or sand volleyball! 

Through the citizen-driven Coppell Vision 2030 Plan, a need was identified for a signature park to activate the community and provide enjoyable public spaces. Citizen support was abundant, not only verbally but at the polls, and in 2013 approved the reauthorization of a ½-cent sales tax. 

The redeveloped parks feature community gathering areas with pavilions for performances and community uses, passive areas for sitting quietly enjoying the out-of-doors with friends and family, as well as an area appropriately sized for the large events that Coppell citizens have enjoyed for years. Also included is a rejuvenated youth athletic complex at Andrew Brown Park West, with a softball complex and new field sports complex, improved trails throughout, a playground, and basketball and volleyball courts.​​ 

​​Watch the "Inside Scoop" series to find out more about the project!​ ​
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Click here to view a virtual tour of changes to Andrew Brown Park East.​

Click on the images to enlarge drawings:
Andrew Brown Park West

Andrew Brown Park East

Project Timeline

​​January 2016​​Contract Awarded to CORE Construction
​February 2016​​Construction Begins
​​June 2017​​Construction Complete
​Project Cost​​$21,183,850.00

A Message from Parks and Recreation Director Brad Reid
Several years ago, the idea came out of a series of strategic planning summits about renovating the Andrew Brown Parks, going on to suggest major changes to the usage of the park areas in the future, allowing for improvements to youth sports amenities and adding community gathering spaces.  These two goals became the baseline for a redesign of the parks in 2011, and have continued to be the focus since.  ​

Get a bird's eye view of the progress made at during construction!​​ (Click on the YouTube Icon to view videos in full screen mode)

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