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Patrol Division


The Patrol Division consists of thirty-five sworn officers with two supervisors (one Sergeant and one Corporal) assigned to each shift. Manpower is then further divided into four twelve-hour patrol shifts. In addition to these assignments, the division also utilizes a five-member Traffic Unit, whose primary focus is the enforcement of local/state traffic laws and investigating accidents. Duties performed by the patrol division include:

  • Responding to 911 calls for service (assaults in progress, criminal mischiefs, burglary of habitation, alarms including business and residential, loud noise disturbance, family violence, reckless driving ...).

  • Initial investigation of crime scenes.

  • Traffic Enforcement and Accident Investigation.

  • DWI enforcement.

  • Preparation of written incident and information reports.

  • Preparation of Case Reports for submission to the District Attorney.

  • Testimony before County Grand Juries, County Criminal Courts, Municipal Courts and Family Law Courts (on occasion).

  • High visibility beat patrol (the City of Coppell is divided into four "beats", each beat has an assigned Police Officer).

  • Vacation House Watch checks.​

  • Preventive Maintenance checks on Police Equipment.

  • Operation of Police Department radio and computer mobile data systems.

  • Operation of departmental intoxilyzer.

  • Maintaining a current knowledge of State and Local criminal statutes.

  • Maintaining a current knowledge of the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure.

  • Maintaining a current knowledge Departmental and City Written Directives.

  • Crime Prevention checks of business and residential properties.