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Police Recruiting

​​coppell police Culture


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It is an exciting time to begin a career with Coppell Police Department. We have experienced tremendous growth over the years and will continue to hire new officers in the coming years. Beginning your career with Coppell Police Department now means you will gain experience, growth, and seniority that will allow you opportunities for promotion eligibility and transfers to specialized divisions within the police department.

Working as a member of the Coppell Police Department means you will be part of an extraordinary team in a city that supports its police department through job security, great pay, excellent benefits, and an atmosphere that provides outstanding relationships between the police and the community it serves. A career with Coppell Police Department is much more than a job, it is a rewarding opportunity to make a positive difference in your community.

Policing is about working with the community to ensure public safety through crime prevention and law enforcement. As a member of the Coppell Police Department, you will have the unique opportunity to accomplish this goal through our core policing strategies of Problem-Oriented policing and Servant Leadership. 




  • ​​Helping people by providing public safety to the City Of Coppell.
  • Promoting police / community partnerships through Problem-Oriented Policing and Community Policing.
  • Provide a wide variety of services to our community including Citizens Police Academy, Junior Police Academy, Citizens on Patrol, Women's Self Defense, and more.
  • Enforcing traffic and parking laws.
  •  Participating in community events and providing public safety at city sponsored events, sporting events, and other large scale public events.​


  • A wide variety of special assignments including
    •  SWAT
    • Traffic / Motorcycle Division
    • School Resource Officer
    • Community Policing Officer
    • Neighborhood Policing Officer
    • Criminal Investigations Detective
    • K9 Unit
    • Special Investigations Detective
    • Federal Task Force Officer
    • Bike Patrol Unit
    • Police Honor Guard​​​
  • Opportunity for advancement to supervisory positions
  • Complete duty gear including uniforms, weapons, boots, and protective vests.
  • Generous Medical, Life, and Dental Insurance.
  • Incentive pay for advanced peace officer certifications
  • Continued job related training and leadership training opportunities
  • Paid vacation, holiday, and sick time.
  • College Tuition Reimbursement
  • Incentive Pay for Police Training Officer
  • Wellness​ Incentive​​​

​​​Salary Range / Advancement


  • Police Officer Salary Range - Step Plan
    ​RecruitYear ​1​Year ​2​Year 3​Year 4​Year 5​Year 6​Year 7​Year 8​Year 9
  • Sergeant - Up to $101,407​​
  • Captain
  • Deputy Chief​​
  • Chief​
​​Peace Officer Certification Pay​
​Intermediate Peace Officer​$50 Monthly
​Advanced Peace Officer​$100 Monthly
​Master Peace Officer​$150 Monthly
​​Additional Incentive Pay
​Plain Clothes​​ ​Officer​$50 Monthly Clothing Allowance
Medical Incentive Pay
$150 Monthly towards dependent medical plan or deferred compensation account
​Education Pay​$100 Monthly - Bachelor's
$150 Monthly - Master's 

Submit Application For Police Officer

​​Holidays and Vacations
  • ​76 Hours Yearly Holiday Pay
  • 3 Weeks Vacation Yearly after 2 Years, 2 Weeks Vacation 1st Year​
  • 8 Hours Personal Holiday Yearly
​​Medical Benefits
  • ​​3.69 Hours Sick Leave accrued per pay period
  • ​Medical, Dental, and Vision Plans (100% Medical and Dental Paid For Employee By City). $150 monthly provided by City to offset dependent's on medical plan or can be used for deferred compensation account.
  • The City also provides life insurance, ​​long-term disability benefit, retirement benefits, employee assistance plan, and wellness incentives.
  • ​​​The City of Coppell contributes to the Texas Municipal Retirement System at a rate of 2 to 1 up to 7% ​and employees are vested after 5 years.
  • ​​The City of Coppell offers a retirement plan after​​ 20 years.​​



To obtain more information about being a valued member of the Coppell Police Department you can contact our recruiting department at 972-304-3631. You may also contact our recruiting department to be notified when we have our next police officer exam. ​The City of Coppell offers a competitive benefits package including tuition reimbursement, retirement plan, and health and dental insurance. All duty gear, equipment, weapon & uniforms furnished.