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Future Orientated Approach to Residential Development

​​​​2040 Strategic Pillar — Future Oriented Approach to Residential Development

Importance of Future Residential Development

The issue of future residential development is a sensitive issue in Coppell. There is a concern about over-crowding and there is a view the community is ‘fully built out’. This was reinforced in the 2030 visioning and comprehensive planning process. However, things have changed. There is now a significant cohort of people in the 50-59-year age group (the largest cohort), representing nearly 20% of the population. This cohort is likely to include a significant percentage of people who moved to Coppell in the 1990’s. In the engagement sessions, people repeatedly commented that they would like to downsize and remain in Coppell, but there is no suitable housing type available, and they are forced to look to other communities.

2040 Goals​:

  • Establish programs to protect the unique character of single-family home community oasis nodes
  • Explore refit and refurbishment of older housing stock
  • Explore new options for 55 plus (or aging in place) that maintain high standard of living while reducing footprint
  • Undertake studies to consider optimal future city population

​Learn more about this 2040 Strategic Pillar by viewing the Coppell 2040 Vision Plan. Learn specific ways in which the City is working to further these goals by viewing the City's workplan​.