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Public Library


​​​Library rooms

​​Room Reservations are unavailable while the library is closed due to COVID-19.

Meeting Room

• May be reserved by adult card holders for non-profit organizations.​
• The event must be open to the public.
• Reservations may be submitted no more than three months or less than 72 hours in advance.
• Non-profit groups are limited to two meetings per month.​
• Meeting Rooms A or B can each hold 13-75 people. A & B combined holds 75-200 people.
Library Meeting Room Guidelines
Facility Guidelines​​
To reserve a room, visit

Reservable Rooms

​​​• May be reserved by card holders 14 years and older.
• Reservations may be made in one hour blocks with a maximum of three hours.
• Reservations may be submitted no more than three months or less than 72 hours in advance.
• Card holders are not limited to a number of meetings per month.
• However, each reservation must be at least three days (72 hours) apart and they cannot make a new reservation until the initial meeting takes place.
• If the card holder is fifteen minutes or more late, the reservation may be cancelled.
• Study Room D holds up to 4 people. Study Room E holds​ up to 6 people. Study Room F, the Business Center, and the Conference Room are available for up to 12 people. 
• When not reserved, Study Room D, E, F, and the Business Center are available on a first come-first served basis. The doors will not be kept locked, but a sign will be on the outside of the rooms indicating when they are reserved.
• The Conference Room will be ke​pt locked unless in use.
• Study Rooms A-C will continue to be first come, first served.
Room Guidelines and Facility Guidelines​​
​​To reserve a room, visit​

O​pen Study Rooms

• Study Rooms A-C are available on a first come-first served basis. Sign-up to use the room for up to 3 hours each day. 
• Study Rooms D-E are available on a first come-first served basis when they are not reserved.
• Study Room F functions as a shared space when it is not reserved and Monday-Thursday, 5-9 pm.
• The Business Center functions as a shared space when it is not reserved.
• The Conference Room is closed to the public when it is not reserved.

​Teen Room Guidelines​

​​​•The Teen Room is reserved for exclusive use by library users in grades 6 - 12 from 5 - 9 pm on days when school is in session and all day when school is not in session. During the summer and school breaks, the Teen Room is only available for teens.
•The Library Facilities Guidelines are applicable to all patrons utilizing the Teen Room. ​
•Only staff members may handle games, the gaming console, and the TV.
Facility Guidelines

Borrow From Another Libra​ry​​​

We are pleased to announce that effective immediately, you may resume requesting inter-library loans (ILLs) via our website.  However, please note that while we have resumed this service, most other libraries have not.  As a result, the likelihood of denials are much greater than before.  You will be notified by email either if your item/s have been approved or denied.  Also, there is a limit of seven items on request for each library card, which includes ILLs.
Interlibrary Loan​
Place Request​​​
TexShare Card
​Coppell residents may obtain a TexShare c​ard at no additional cost that will permit them limited borrowing capabilities at other participating libraries in the area. Click h​er​e​ for more information on the TexShare Card program.​

Use a Computer​

Use a computer​
To use one of our hour long computer stations with access to the internet, you must have a Coppell library card in good standing. Guest internet passes are available for non-cardholders,​ 18 and older.
Use a laptop
Laptops are available for adults with a Coppell library card. They are available for a 2 hour checkout for use with in the main library.​​​
Use the library Wi-Fi
The library has free Wi-Fi.  There is no password needed.  Just select Coppell Guest.
While the library is closed due to COVID-19, you can only pay with credit card. To make a reservation to print, fax, or use a computer, go to

Internet P​olicy

Wireless​ Printing

You can print from any web-enabled device like a pc,​ laptop, tablet, or smart phone. To prin​t from your home computer, click here and follow the instructions on the page. To print from a mobile device, download the PrinterOn app. Search for Cozby Library to find our color and black and white printers. Save and add them to your list of printers for future printing. 
To claim your print jobs, stop by the library's Copy Center to pay for and release your prints. Faxing, copying,  and scanning services are also available. ​
Pay for printing or copies
Black and White prints and copies are 15¢ per page. Color prints and copies are 50¢ per page. ​
While the library is closed due to COVID-19, you can only pay with credit card. To make a reservation to print, fax, or use a computer, go to


​​We are not accepting donations while the library is closed due to COVID-19.​​

Donation Guidelines
The following materials may be accepted in good condition if published within the last 5 years:

  • Current paperback and hardback fiction
  • Textbooks
  • Non-fiction/Informational books
  • Books on CD
  • Encyclopedia sets
  • Games/Puzzles
The following materials may be accepted in good condition, regardless of publication date:
  • Children's books
  • Blu-Rays/DVDs
  • Local history materials
  • Graphic Novels/Comic Books
The following cannot be accepted:
  • Items that are damaged or in otherwise unusable condition (e.g. dusty, dirty, mildewed, water-damaged, moldy, brown/yellowed pages, torn pages, missing covers, missing pieces, or having been written in or highlighted)
  • Magazines (including National Geographic)
  • Newspapers
  • VHS or cassette tapes
  • Pamphlets
  • Games/Puzzles with missing pieces​

​​​ART Exhibit

​​Artists interested in displaying artwork in the library should read the Art Exhibit Guidelines and contact​

The City of Coppell acknowledges its responsibility to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. Thus, in order to assist individuals with disabilities who require special services (i.e. sign interpretative services, alternative audio/visual devices, and amanuens​es) for participation in or access to the City of Coppell sponsored public programs, services, and/or meetings, the City requests that individuals makes requests for these services seventy-two (72) hours – three (3) business days ahead of the scheduled program, service, and/or meeting. To make arrangements, contact Kori Allen, ADA Coordinator, or other designated official at (972) 462-0022, or (TDD 1-800-RELAY, TX 1-800-735-2989).​