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Apply ‘Smart City’ Approach to Resource Management

​​​​2040 Strategic Pillar — Apply 'Smart City' Approach to Resource Management

Importance of a Smart City Approach

Technological developments are promising to offer enormous benefits to cities and resource management systems. There is increasing ability to optimize usage, redirect resources and find new efficiencies. During the Vision 2040 Think-Tank, and subsequent engagement sessions, there was great interest and support in the concept of pursuing a 'Smart City’ approach. In addition people saw potential in Coppell becoming more resilient and self-reliant through more local energy and water capture. This mirrors​ global trends in cities that are looking to generate more resources of water, energy and food locally; and move to a more closed loop system.

2040 Goals:

  • Rebuild and revitalize Coppell’s ecological zones
  • Develop renewable energy and resource recycling plan for City
  • Establish green building standards for Coppell, and transform aging​ infrastructure
  • Build backbone of Smart Operating Systems for all resource management

​Learn more about this 2040 Strategic Pillar by viewing the Coppell 2040 Vision Plan. Learn specific ways in which the City is working to further these goals by viewing the City's workplan​. ​