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Special Election 2019

​​​​​​​​​​*** November 5, 2019 Special Election Information ***​​

​​For ballot information, voter registration, or polling locations, please visit the main election page at

Sales Tax Proposal

The City of Coppell will hold a Special Election on Tuesday, November 5, 2019 asking voters whether or not to reauthorize a one-fourth of one percent sales and use tax to ​provide revenue for the maintenance and repair of existing city streets and sidewalks for a period of 4 years.

In November 2007, Coppell voters originally authorized the collection of the one-quarter percent sales and use tax for street maintenance. In 2015, voters reauthorized the City to continue collection of the one-quarter percent sales and use tax.

Reauthorization of the sales tax collection will NOT result in an increase in the sales tax rate. ​

A majority of Coppell roadways were built prior to 1994. This sales and use tax will continue to provide a dedicated funding source for streets and sidewalks during the collection period. Since the inception of the one-quarter cent sales tax, more than $43 million dollars has been collected for this purpose.

Current utilization of the Sales Tax Fund Source for Maintenance and Repair of Municipal Streets

Sales tax dollars funded an original inventory and condition survey and a 5-year update to that survey to ensure decisions are made with current and relevant data. This data is used to provide the city with a rating system helping to determine when, where and how street maintenance work should be performed.

Completed Projects 
These same tax dollars have also funded the reconstruction of several Coppell streets. Work included the replacement of paving and sidewalk, as well as, drainage improvements and utility replacement on municipal streets such as Chartwell, Clear Creek, Creekview, Dobecka Drive, Heartz Rd., Mockingbird Ln., Sandy Knoll Dr., Sandy Lake Rd., Shadowcrest Ln., Southern Belle, Vanbebber, Willow Springs, Edgewood, Highland Meadow, Parkway, Burns, and Town Center Blvd. Total dollars committed to street maintenance and repair since the inception of this sales and use tax is $36,138,177.

How much of the sales tax money is projected to be used for street maintena​​nce and repairs? Historical Collection of Sales Tax Revenue ​
​​​​Dollar Amount Collected
​​​ TOTAL       43,890,277
​​* Voter authorization required​** Collections Year-to-Date 6.30.19

How much will the passing of this Proposition increase the sales tax rate I pay?

Your sales tax rate will NOT change if the reauthorization is approved by voters. The current sales tax rate in Coppell is 8.25%. The City retains 2.0%. The remaining 6.25% goes to the State of Texas.

  • One percent is designated for general city operations
  • One-half percent is a special 4B sales tax used to fund projects through the Coppell Recreation Development Corporation
  • One-fourth of one percent sales tax funds the operation of the crime control and prevention district
  • One-fourth of one percent sales tax funds the maintenance and repair of municipal streets

If the ballot measure passes, one-fourth of one percent sales tax will continue to fund the maintenance and repair of existing municipal streets and sidewalks. 

How much sales tax am I paying?

Consider a household with an average income equivalent to $120,000 with taxable purchases roughly equaling $19,200. At the sales tax rate of 8.25%, approximately $1,200 would go to the State of Texas and $384 would go to the City of Coppell. Of that $384, $192 would go for general city operations, $96 would go for parks, $48 would go to the street maintenance program with the final $48 going to the crime control and prevention district. Currently, about 65% of the sales tax monies collected in Coppell is derived from non-Coppell residents, due in part to the successful economic development efforts established in the light industrial district.

Can the tax collected for maintenance and repair of municipal streets be used for any project?

The law states that the monies collected can only be used on maintenance and repair of the streets and sidewalks that exist at the time of election (Texas Tax Code – Section 327.008). The money cannot be used for the construction of NEW roadways. Sidewalks and alleys may be repaired if they are part of a qualifying street maintenance or repair effort as defined by Texas law. A variety of factors and data are considered when choosing which streets to schedule for maintenance including age, traffic volume and most importantly, current condition.

The collection of sales tax dedicated for the maintenance and repair of municipal streets and sidewalks will sunset in 2020 if voters do not reauthorize the collection. If reauthorized, collection of the one-quarter-cent sales tax dedicated for maintenance and repair will continue for a period of 4 years as allowed by state law.

​​*** For ballot information, voter registration, or polling locations, please visit the main el​ection page at​ ***


Nothing contained in this webpage should be construed to advocate “for” or “against” this Proposition. The information contained within this webpage is provided for informational purposes only. For more information, call the City Manager’s office at 972-304-3618 or email