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The Cornerstone

Our ability to acceptably achieve the mission set out before us each and every day is wholly dependent upon every member of the City staff team understand and embracing the following…

…the only reason we exist as on organization is to serve the co​mmunity…period.

The words, thoughts and ideas that follow illustrate what is expected from each of us as we go about our daily responsibilities interacting with, and meeting the needs of all of our customers…residents, businesses and co-workers alike.

Build these principles into your conscious thought so that they guide and direct your decision making and service ethic in all of your efforts. We believe that in so doing, our commitment to…

"Building Community Through Public Service" will enable our community to achieve its desired goal of creating a "Family of Community for a Lifetime."



Each of us must strive for a strong sense of community by supporting and participating in social, civic and neighborhood activities.

We will maintain an exemplary community through continued visionary leadership, blending careful planning with progressive and responsive service.

Quality customer service will be delivered in an equitable manner, utilizing resources effectively and efficiently.

Our actions shall respect the diversity of our citizens and employees while being conducted in an open, responsive and ethical manner.

We fully understand that in the eyes of the citizens each individual employee is The City.

We believe that our employees are our most important resource, and through teamwork, our mission will be accomplished.

We believe that our commitment is the foundation of all our endeavors to make our community a great place to live, work and play.

We recognize that we hold a special position of public trust and must preserve that trust by always being truthful and honest while maintaining the highest ethical standards.

We will enhance our citizens' sense of civic duty and opportunity by providing information and professional services to allow them to understand and participate in issues that affect our community.


Every employee of the City of Coppell will be guided by the Oath of Service, which includes the Code of Conduct and associated Behavioral Guidelines. These are fundamental principles considered essential for professional conduct as a member of the City staff. Each staff member will rely on the principles embodied in the Code of Conduct to lead them through decision-making and team building efforts necessary to effectively and efficiently serve the community of Coppell, Texas and our co-workers. These statements lay a firm foundation upon which all organizational activity and professional relationships should be built.



We, the employees, have been selected because of our specialized knowledge, skill and ability to service and protect the men, women, children and property within this community, and to this end we commit and pledge ourselves to the following values and Code of Conduct:

Commitment - We have the courage to sacrifice our own comfort and freedoms in order to provide for the health, safety, and welfare of both those whom we serve and our fellow employees, and we do so willingly and without regret.

Equality - Discrimination based on race, gender, age, color, creed, disability or religious preference will not be tolerated.

Personal Integrity - We recognize that we hold a special position of public trust and must preserve that trust by always being truthful and honest, while maintaining the highest ethical standards.

Teamwork - We must depend upon one another in order to provide excellent and cost-effective services and programs to our community and believe team spirit is fostered when we voluntarily offer to assist one another.

Personal Development - We avail ourselves of opportunities offered or suggested by our organization in order to maintain and improve our skills and abilities as needed to serve a growing community and a constantly changing environment.

Leadership - We demonstrate leadership by example and practice, looking for opportunities and volunteering to lead the work and activities of others, promoting excellence in all these efforts.

Professionalism - Regardless of the job or duty we are asked to perform in the service of our community, we do so with pride and professionalism.

Civic Duty - We will strive to enhance our citizen's sense of civic duty and responsibility by providing information and professional services to allow them to understand and participate in issues that affect our community.

Respect for Others - In exercising the duties, responsibilities, and authority given to us, we do so with respect and dignity for the diversity of all living creatures.



Members of the staff of the City of Coppell shall:

Strive to enhance the credibility of a fellow staff member with other members of staff, the City Council, and citizens.

Share knowledge and expertise with a fellow co-worker that would aid the progress of the co-worker's work and enhance the service delivery provided to the customer.

Provide accurate information to a co-worker that would increase the likelihood of a sound decision.

Exercise discretion in using confidential information provided by a co-worker.

Appropriately recognize another's work.

Ensure that their responsibilities and functions are performed in such a manner that all customers, internal and external, can depend upon the service delivered.

Provide tools to the elected officials in order that they can carry out their responsibilities to the voters.



Each employee of the City of Coppell is held to a high standard. This standard starts with respect and integrity. These two principles are the center of our culture. Each employee is expected to do everything with integrity for self and the organization, while showing respect to all.

Each employee is expected to be accountable, show quality and detailed work, and have tasks completed with promptness and accuracy.

Leaders are expected to be a mentor, visionary, strategic thinker, and a change agent.


We believe that through our dedication to these stated values and other guiding principles, history and future generations will look back upon the services of this organization and judge us as having made a lasting, positive contribution to the community and to society in general, and that we, as individuals, will be judged and held accountable not only for what we did, but how we did it.