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Water & Sewer Fund

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Coppell's Water and Sewer Fund is the second largest fund in the City's budget. 

The Water and Sewer Fund is classified as an Enterprise Fund because the costs of providing services are funded through user charges. In this instance, the money collected from residents and businesses in the form of water and sewer utility payments is used to pay the Trinity River Authority (TRA) for wastewater treatment service and Dallas Water Utilities (DWU) for water purchased by Coppell. A portion of the revenue from utility payments is also used for the maintenance and upkeep of the City's water and wastewater system. This fund receives no monies from property or sales taxes.  

​"We use water meter reads to generate the utility bills, and then we use the revenue to buy water from DWU, pay TRA to treat our wastewater, and do any necessary infrastructure maintenance," said Kim Tiehen, Assistant Director of Finance. "Almost all – 97% – of the money in the Water and Sewer Fund comes from water and sewer sales revenue. Interest income, water meter sales and water and sewer impact fees generate the remaining three percent." 

Approximately 59% of the expenses incurred by the Water and Sewer Fund go to purchase water and treat wastewater. Personnel costs make up approximately nine percent of the expenditures, and the remainder of the cost is associated with maintenance of the water and sewer infrastructure.  

"We are very proud of how far we're able to stretch the utility funds collected from residents and businesses. Our drinking water always meets – and frequently exceeds – all federal requirements, and we are able to keep all of our systems maintained and functioning at the standards we strive for," Tiehen added.