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What to Expect - Know Your H2O

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Before the meters are swapped out, each customer will receive a letter in the mail providing information concerning when the water meter team will be installing in their area. Additionally, the City will call, email and text residents who have signed up for NotifyCoppell to inform residents when the water meter team will be in your neighborhood.

Once your water meter is replaced, residents will find a yellow door hanger on their door notifying them that they received a new water meter. The door hanger provides information concerning steps to take prior to using their water. If you run a business, the water meter team will coordinate a convenient time to replace each businesses water meter. Each business will be provided with a door hanger when their meter is replaced.

How will I know that someone is a member of the water meter team? 
The truck used by the water meter team will have a "water meter team" sticker on its door. Team members will be wearing bright yellow shirts with "PMI" on the front left corner of the shirt and will also have a picture ID badge with them. The badge also provides two phone numbers for the citizen to call to confirm the identity of the person. One phone number will contact the Utility Billing number, and the other number connects to the PMI 24-hour line. Water meter team supervisors will be wearing a bright yellow safety vest with "Water Meter Team Supervisor" printed on the back of the vest.

Water team members are not allowed to enter homes, and your property will be left in the same condition as it was prior to installation.